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3.OCT.2016 update
Absolutely wonderful news - 

Upcoming book: The Day That Changed My Life will be released and available on Amazon - Fall 2016

an exploration into the lives of those touched by cancer



We have received hundreds of testimonials from people all over the world who have chosen to share their fear, anger, resentments and a multitude of other feelings -- when confronted with the reality that he or she, or a friend or family member, learns the news that we all would dread hearing -- and they have written to us and said, in many varied ways, “I need to tell you about the day that changed my life.”



ALOha, bienvenue, hola, bonjour, shalom, namaste, nei ho, ahalan, guten tag, hei, jambo, xin chao, jambo, sawubona, ni hao, konichiwa, salve, howdy!

The Day That Changed My Life®