I am not feeling pretty. I look in the mirror and I see a stranger. I am looking at a woman who once smiled every time she saw her reflection. Today I cried. I looked at myself and I felt pity on the shell of a woman who once was happy, living life on her terms, catching up with friends, traveling and dining, dancing and doing just about anything she wanted to but now she's a stranger. Living in a world of fear.

Looking in the mirror I see a shell. I want to look beautiful again. I want to smile again. I am looking for ways to give me some sort of semblance to get a glimpse of who I used to be. Will it be a new lipstick? A wig? A new outfit?

I need to find something to get me through this state of unfamiliarity - a strange land. I am looking for a makeover. I need to feel like me again.

Sunsyré D

Breast Cancer 


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